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Establish cooperation in order to satisfactorily meet customer needs. One of the methods, how to deal with questions and problems that the evidence and information from external customers will be transferred to the system.

Ways of interacting with customers

Responsible business unit Communications is responsible for sales and after-sales service products, so this unit, they will receive and track customer problems.
All problems and non-compliance reported by customers evaluated and placed detailed analysis, this valuable information in the field of necessary improvements in the system provides.
will be.
Anchors are there when our customers after receiving the case and its association with functional safety sectors, it is classified.

Saffron Reception Returns
Groups of Shahri food production (Shahri Saffron) where the saffron is possible to refer it to the client predict if:

The apparent quality of the package when delivered to the buyer, because of damage caused by improper transportation is gone.
Back after saffron because of the mistake in question is the product of the customer, provided that the door is unopened package containing saffron.

Meet our customers

Business unit, to handle possible problems of the clients. If the client after notice of any defect, the Crocus sale packaging and quality and each case is different can it be with the customer service unit in between. Therefore, the following form is enough to complete and send to us.