Saffron produced in Iran are usually divided into several forms.

One of the terms that have long been used in this context is “Dokhtar Pich” saffron. This kind of saffron contains the stigma and cream, (the red and the white or yellow saffron) is a standard term in the Persian saffron in Iran’s hands and grade 4 is also called string, and abroad as Saffron Bunch (Batch) or Red & White (red and white) are known. In fact, this type of saffron red part Should be between 75-70% and the root or corner is about 30-25%.

The new names that were common then, saffron or saffron tip slang and standard terms of string is cut from the saffron bunch were considered, thus the yellow parts of it with the scissors and then using static electricity were isolated and saffron cleaner got quite red in English to the All-Red (very red) say the same Saffron Coupe Coupé (interrupted or cut) is called. Later The Saffron that that prepare them for red part (only a very small amount of yellow) separated from the chaff flower called, perhaps because of this kind of a massive state and straw like to find out, of course, base it believes appropriate name What is certain coloring power (the Corsin) and quality of the saffron crocus is far lower than other types, as well as the drying method of drying is delayed and, in fact, part of Coloring power during the drying process provides lower quality.

In contrast to the results of scientific studies and analyzes conducted some thought saffron hands and even root or corner has more flavor. This is completely wrong, because the source of the active ingredients of saffron (Crocin, Picocrocin and safranal) Corsin especially the stigma and compound the effects of stigma move the plant tissue to have been transferred there, the yellow (corners), not only a significant amount of them (compared vs stigma) but Corsin in it is zero. The aroma is also due to tissue type vegetative possible only because of the stigma is more moisture absorption, fragrant appears.

When saffron and saffron separate hands, the root or white or white in the Persian to the corner in Europe where saffron and white (white) or style (cream) are known, and in fact we can not separate it saffron treat. It is called the corner of saffron and saffron definition includes not know.

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