The best way to use saffron, saffron tail of it. To prepare and infuse a little of it in a small mortar (wet areas with a little sugar or a sugar cube) to grind it and then a teaspoon of it with a half cup of boiling water and let steep and a little highlight.

Note: To brew saffron best option “spiritual pot” small. Plvha be put on the rice pot is pretty hot body with steam rice and saffron opens fully color …

Note: The more water, more weld and the saffron powder is more geared (softer) is more then the color.
Dill improves its color is sometimes more … It gets dissolved saffron into the jar in the refrigerator for up to a week kept closed … but more than a week to be slimy. Saffron is better protected when using powder to perfume

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