Maharaja Stew

 Ingredient: (for 4 persons)

Method of provision

  • Chicken: one chicken (approx. 1.200 kg)
  • Coconut powder: two to three soupspoons
  • Large tomato: 4 to 5
  • Roasted pea (chickpea): three soupspoons
  • Fried onion: three soupspoons
  • Fresh cut peppermint and coriander: two to three soupspoons
  • Fresh garlic: 1
  • Seed of fresh and soft pounded coriander: two soupspoons
  • Turmeric: one jam spoon
  • One complete bell pepper: 2 to 3 (it is better to choose red-color bell peppers)
  • Pounded black pepper: one jam spoon
  • Cinnamon: one jam spoon
  • Pounded smoke cumin: one jam spoon
  • Kernel of pounded cardamom: one jam spoon
  • Carnation: 4 to 5
  • Salt: to enough amount
  • Additional chicken water: one glass of water (or one pill of percent soup)

  Method of provision

Chicken should be first cleaned and washed. Then, the content is fried with onion and two or three glasses of water and/or one additional chicken water or soup pill are poured in a container. Then, carnations are added. Let chicken be baked in half and then, carnation is taken out.

Belly pepper should be cut into pieces and should be poured inside chicken along with coconut powder and other condiments.

Roasted pea (chickpea) is solved slightly in cold water and id spilled inside stew. Coriander is fried in two or three soupspoons slightly and is poured inside stew. Then enough salt and pepper is added to the content and let stew boiled. At the end, a little hot water should be poured on tomato, aimed at peeling them easily. The peeled tomatoes are grated and are poured inside stew, aimed at letting stew to be boiled and dehydrated. The content should be turned into density of “Fesenjan stew”. Then, chicken should be cut into pieces and/or a complete chicken is put on container and stew is poured over chicken.

A little saffron, solved in hot water, may be added to the stew. If saffron added to the stew, its color will turned stronger.