Iran saffron the ancient medicine is hot and dry. Traditionally the most important medicinal properties of saffron that was being used to treat depression.
Among the medicinal properties of saffron, saffron tea to digest food;

The effect is a pain reliever;
Menstrual is;
Stimulate nerves;
Crocus hematopoietic and facilitates blood circulation;
Using saffron bleeding after childbirth kills;
Boosts sexual;
Among other medicinal properties of saffron that can make liver treatment and strong;
To relieve cough and bronchitis treatment has a beneficial effect on;
Remove kidney and bladder;
Sedative and hypnotic;
Saffron is an antiepileptic;
Reverse gas
Is a diuretic;
Among other medicinal properties of saffron on the facial skin is;
Enhance memory and learning;
Among other medicinal properties of saffron is lower blood pressure;
Reduce blood fat;
Asthma treatment
Among other medicinal properties of saffron relieve flatulence.
Saffron is effective in the treatment of convulsive state and toothache and the tail 0.5 to 2 grams per liter is used;
Because of antioxidants as the heart and prevention of heart disease and cancer is well;
Saffron prevent the spread of breast cancer;

Saffron is not only artificial Colorant effects such as Allergenic does, it also contains vitamin B6, B2, B1, vitamin C and other nutrients the body needs and if you finally want to be always happy and smiling, saffron eat.

Women’s menstrual periods to set and open the old formula saffron is used for many years and has a very beneficial effect.

Iron and potassium Iron tartar 0.5 g  |  ۵ g of saffron round
Cinnamon 2 g

Of this mixture four times a day.

Round Saffron: Saffron is dried in the oven at 25° C and then grinding and sifting tiny decline to around softness is achieved.

Since the saffron effect on the reproductive system, so pregnant women should avoid eating it because it can cause miscarriage. Eating too much saffron is harmful to the kidneys. Reduces appetite and headache and is causing confusion. Saffron should be stored away from light in a closed glass because the light loses its aroma and color.

ISNA wrote in this regard: Saffron if exhilarating, relaxing and therapeutic properties that should be used in moderation.There, also, the amount of saffron during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage.

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