Various organs of saffron
Saffron scientific name (.Crocus Sativus L) Znbqyan family (Iridaceae) herbaceous plants, perennials, and bulbs are no stem. Bold type onion saffron and almost spherical shape with a diameter of 3 to 5 cm and is brown blanket that is placed under the ground. Each onion leaves 6 to 9 narrow, such as leaves, grass weeds produce.

Saffron roots jet that grow from the base of the bulbs and environmental circles. First limb of flowers that appear in early autumn. In the first year of cultivation, due to the weakness of saffron onions and complete settlement of the soil and deep culture, buds, flowers and even do enough to grow in the first leaves appear later than usual.

Three sepals and three petals purple-colored flowers cover will be formed, so that the petals sepal diagnosis is difficult. Number of flag and the flagpole is twice the anther. Saffron is yellow anthers. Female flowers located in the center of a section of ovary and ovarian narrow cream is out. Cream of long and drawn to the color light yellow to a bright red-orange stigmas three branches of 3-2 cm long ends. Tuesday stigma with cream after drying, constitute commercial saffron.

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