Iranian saffron exports

Certain export formalities for the export of saffron from Iran, first of all documentation and obtaining the necessary licenses. Saffron Exporters must hold the documents refer to customs export saffron.

It is necessary to refer to the Customs documents:

saffron Business cards
Licensing (case)
If Dlbndy
Health Certificate (as required by the saffron)
Animal and plant quarantine certificates (as required by the saffron)
Standard certificate (as appropriate)
Or a power of attorney letter of introduction to the customs saffron Azharknndh

Saffron City after the preparation of the necessary documentation, must carry saffron export and post-export customs warehouse receipt, export declaration drawn up and submitted to the customs Chharnskhh that a copy is considered as an export license. In the case of the saffron demand and customs agreements, assessment operations and export customs formalities can be carried out outside the customs facilities.

Set the export declaration:

۱٫ Product Profile saffron
۲٫ Profile Azharknndh saffron
۳٫ The buyer profile
۴٫ Country of issue
۵٫ country of origin
۶٫ Trading Conditions
۷٫ Specify the means of transport and loading source
۸٫ Profile of saffron in terms of tariffs, weight, number and value of export saffron Yamqdar
۹٫ Profile shipments (packaging, package type, amount, symbols, weight container)
۱۰٫ fine customs clearance items
۱۱٫ Name the submission of customs declarations and registration number and profile Azhranamh the customs office place for seals and verification Amza’v Customs and customs officials

After completing the declaration, the declaration and accompanying documents will be submitted to the customs authentication.


۱٫ The authenticity of the documents submission
۲٫ The accuracy of the contents in terms of type and tariff saffron and declared value documents
۳٫ The authority issuing the saffron

Journal office: the circle handle authentication, the exporter must saffron accrued funds (customs fees) paid to the bank after obtaining the relevant bill to the present Journal.

Assessment: The funds accrued, returns to the circle write the evaluation and the evaluation is to determine the appraiser saffron. After visiting the contents of the package and its implementation in terms of type, number, and other information needed if the problem is not observed, the declaration signed and sealed copy of the declaration as an export permit issued to the owner of the saffron crocus is delivered to act.

Business card: Engaging in the commercial export of saffron requires a commercial card issued by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines and the Ministry of Commerce is confirmed. Business card is a document in which it can be called to the export and import of saffron and applicants, including individuals (Iranian and non-Iranian), legal entities will be issued. Saffron exports and services a business card or not during the implementation of the Third Development Plan (Section B 113) will not be subject to duties and taxes account. All companies co-own cards only from the Islamic Republic of Iran Chamber of Cooperatives receive.

About the need to control export shipments are subject to customs regulations, mandatory standards:

The use of the standard mark license expiry date Iran
Karbrdlamt not fake butterfly standard (standard suspected cases of the provincial inquiry)
With the expiry date of consumption, exploitation license, the standard mark of the saffron and packaging.
If you do not use standard mark license valid export certificate of inspection companies accredited institution or agency of the provincial standard is necessary.

Saffron export tariffs

To determine tariffs on the export of Iranian saffron is trade promotion organization.
Currently, more than 30 grams of saffron packaging, 5% of the complications is intended primarily for export, while the larger packages of 30 grams of saffron 40% of complications were determined.

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