Saffron Crocus Crocus Sativus scientific name is family Iridaceae. In some references, for example, in the Encyclopedia Americana Encyclopedia United States listed the word of Corycus the name of a region in Cilicia is located in East Mediterranean. Source saffron Iran some ancient Median know, some researchers as the origin of saffron in the wider region of the world, including Greece, Turkey, Asia Minor and Iran.
Iranian saffron issued in many parts of the ancient world, its properties to the Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Semitic peoples, including Arabs, were introduced and farming practices in the first and fourth centuries AD, the Islamic peoples learned about the Mediterranean. In this way, the first saffron works by Iranian exiles were established by Muawiyah in Syria area, then planting saffron in North Africa and Andalusia (Islamic Spain) & Sicily was introduced and ethnic minorities such as Rostamian and Banoo Tabari affecting farmers in the transmission of culture respectively.
Historical documents from ancient times to the fact that the Iranians have been so eloquent gold and saffron interested in the celebrations and ceremonies of joy and exhilaration servers such as weddings and feasts, or welcoming the dignitaries and pilgrims, gold and saffron steps were slain. The establishment of splendidly these rituals, the decoration and mirror traffic, golden and silver coins with saffron, flowers and transport the bride and groom or the characters, and sometimes all participants in such event took. In some saffron ceremonies alone, or along with musk and incense smoke were Amber and rosewater.
In the Achaemenid era saffron bread & flavour feed used to decorate the pollen is gone. Darius wrote the biography of Ferdinand Justi ((the Shah of Iran, who was rubbing his body with fragrant oil of sunflower oil mixed with milk fat and palm wine was made with saffron)). During the Parthian era of Iranian saffron went to Greece and Rome, then China is Iran’s saffron customers. In the Sassanid era, the cultivation of saffron in Qom and Boone also became common, and the quality of their product. At the same time expensive saffron in the paper application was running, but before it was dissolved saffron as Writing ink compound,  centuries until inks have been used to good writing. Of pale saffron ink and full color (from pale yellow to red blood) to write the orders and letters of kings and caliphate and the rulers, as well as books and essays on writing headlines and the gilding and Images, and in the picture and designs and text annotations is used.

More resources English saffron terms of resistance and Arab word correctly. But this seems unlikely, because the use of more than ten thousand years old saffron and native plant Alborz Mountains and Central Asia.Saffron has become. In Persian and Turkish Zfrvn (Zfrv) and in Arabic in Spanish saffron crocus in English azafrán in France safrane in Italian zaferano zuffron pronounced in Hindi

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