Saffron Packaging

Thanks to its unique quality as compared with other similar products of other countries, Iran’s saffron enjoys specific status at Iranian saffron exports market.
In the same direction, producing and cultivating Iranian saffron and harvesting it in Khorasan Province, thanks to specific climatic condition, has caused flourishing this lucrative industry.
Saffron Packing includes packing various types of bulk saffron with Poushal, Negin, Sargol and Dasteh (bunched) brand names at producing companies affiliated to Shahri Saffron Company.
Cultivation of bulk saffron, harvesting and cleaning it is made in an equal shape but different saffron packing will differentiate products as well.
The said differentiation prompted Shahri Saffron Company to supply Iranian saffron to the consumer market in different shapes like vacuumed, Khatam packs, packing in canister and box, packs of “Milad”, “Jam” and “Atlas” in different weights.

Controlling Raw Materials While Entering Production Line
In the beginning of operation, all items and raw materials effective on quality of saffron , like saffron and packing raw materials, are monitored strictly and accurately at Quality Control (QC) Department of the company. After raw materials (whether in form of bulk or retail) is entered, Quality Control (QC) Department is informed of the case and embarks on sampling, controlling and monitoring procedures, observing requirements of international standards.
The obtained results will be registered and archived as well.

The following tests are made for the evaluation of quality when Iranian saffron raw materials are supplied:

  • Testing color (extraction and recognition of additive colors)
  • Testing power of coloring and evaluation of degree of crosin, saffranal, and picro-crosin
  • Moisture
  • Total ahs
  • Insolvent ash in acid
  • Degree of external and volatile materials related to environment and remainders of flower
  • Extract of solution in cold water
  • Pigment
  • Azotes
  • Raw fiber


More Explanations in Controlling Materials Entering Production Line:
When raw materials were controlled and monitored at the QC Department of the company, then, they are entered packing stages of the company as follows:

    • Sorting: Staff and personnel, working at Sorting Department of the company, embark on sorting inlet saffron accurately and precisely. Sorting includes separating and/or taking out all external particles and remainders of flower.
    • Weighing: After sorting operation, saffron is forwarded and/or transferred to the Weighing Department. At this stage, staff and personnel, working in Weighing Department, embark on weighing saffron with precise and calibrated scales based on rate and type of the desired packaging.
    • Capping: After weighing operation, saffron is conveyed or transported to the capping department. Capping box-shaped packs is made by staff and personnel precisely and accurately. In addition, capping pocket-shaped packs is made by sewing device.
    • Vacuum: In some canister-shaped packs, canisters are put on specified cards and are vacuumed by shiny talc. After that, canisters are vacuumed and after coding operation, they are boxed.
    • Jet Printer (Coding): After initial packaging of packs, specifications and details of pack, including weight of product, production date, expiry date, product code, production serial and type of product are printed on packs by jet printer device.


  • Packing in Box: After Jet Printer operation, packs are put under final packaging operation and then are boxed. Type of pack and number (QTY) inside pack is made thanks to the type of product.
  • Shrink Pack: Some produced products are finally packed by Shrink Pack Device in the form of packages with specified quantity (QTY).
  • Testing and Inspecting: Specifications and details of products are evaluated and measured strictly at various stages.
  • Controlling While Process Operation: The official in charge of Quality Control (QC) inspects production line once every two hours. In the same direction, performance of staff and personnel, working in various departments, is studied and evaluated strictly and obtained results are mentioned in the related form. If irregularities are observed, necessary measures are made with the aim of settling the problem as well.
  • Controlling Final Product: After manufacturing, producing and packaging operation, product is monitored based on national standards (ISIRI) related to packing saffron and results are registered by inspector of QC Department at the pertinent forms.
    It should be noted that purchasing saffron is first made from accredited and evaluated suppliers and then, all the above mentioned stages are carried out as well.