Saffron Types and Grades

  1. Sargol Saffron (Cut In Filaments)

This filament type, usually obtained from “bunched saffron” and “Poshal Saffron” which has no style & pollen and just  consist of red parts of stigma with a high power of coloring and aroma

  1. Pushal Saffron (In Filaments)

This type has obtained at the beginning of harvest ,a little longer than red parts of stigma that is usually in the form of triple filament.The color of the end part becomes pale red and orange that is in the size of 3 to 5 mm after the existing joint among the 3 filaments. “Pushal” means massive for its volume resulted from the time and method of harvesting. “Pushal” has the same power of coloring and aroma as “ All red filaments” type and it usually use for fantasy and luxury packaging.

  1. Bunched Saffron (Dasteh Saffron)

The all red and white parts of the stigma bunched and formed by a piece of thread is “bunch” type. Some customers upon their usages prefer to buy this type.

  1. White Saffron

This type consists of the white and pale parts of the stigma, having high aroma but low color strength with a length of 5 to 15 mm, is used as an aromatic substance for foods and ….

  1. Konge Saffron

This type is longer than white saffron type but it is more coherent. It consists of the lower and white parts of stigma together with a part of style, 3 to 5 mm, formed by a piece of thread with a total length of 2 to 4 cm.


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