Shahri saffron draw

Shahri Food Ptoducts to express their thanks and appreciation from consumers according to the duration of the project 1. Thanks to the investment plan has thanked 2. Other objectives of the project, a closer relationship with customers as well as information about other products is appropriate.

You can purchase any of the packing department of Shahri food production, increase your luck in the draw for the collection and special gifts this stage was outstanding. The draw will be held on a monthly basis. To participate in the lottery you can count via SMS 30008851 or by going to the site, to send lottery serial number printed on packaging apply. The company attempted to reassure those loved ones who have been through SMS, the message on the receiving Sryyal lottery number sends them. Please packet or box containing the product’s serial number draw on it until the end of the lottery Keep listed. The winners of each period through the site with the group of Shahri food production. It is also seasonal collection every 3 months for all participating universal that have failed in the previous steps, this place provides that, once again, draw the group of Shahri food production, be involved. The stage draw only includes people who are not selected in the previous stages.
Presence in the lottery:
۱٫ Each product has a chance is the draw.
۲٫ Participants in the lottery, lottery numbers will be closed until the end of seasonal maintenance and monthly draw to win it with other documents submitted to the Company.
۳ prizes to winners by registered mail will be sent to their home address.

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